About the Form Health Shop

Looking for an option to kick-start or enhance your weight loss?  Form offers a variety of high quality meal-replacement products for purchase through the Form Health Shop.

What is a meal replacement?
A meal replacement is a calorie-controlled, nutrient-dense, high protein packaged product (such as a shake, bar, soup, etc.) used to replace a meal or a snack.
At Form, we know that weight loss is not easy, and our goal is to help make the process as simple and efficient as possible. Starting your journey on a partial meal replacement plan can be a great way to help jump-start your weight loss while working on building the skills to use our healthy nutrition and plating method. Not only are these pre-packaged foods quick and convenient, research shows meal replacement plans produce significantly greater weight loss results when compared to conventional calorie-restricted diets.
How is buying products from the Form Health Shop different than what I can find on my own?
Designed by our team of Registered Dietitians and Obesity Medicine Physicians, our meal replacement plans use all medical grade, FDA-approved and regulated products scientifically formulated with the right balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling fuller longer, and promote fat loss while maintaining lean muscle mass. These products are different from over the counter protein supplements, which are not FDA-regulated and do not undergo any rigorous quality testing.
We offer several options for meal replacement kits that get shipped to you - directly to your home with all of the products, instructions, and recipes you need to follow the two week plan. Or, you can opt to use the products individually: maybe a bag of honey mustard chips for your afternoon snack, or a chocolate pudding as a post-dinner dessert.

Our goal is to custom-design a system that is specifically for you, one that you love and  fits seamlessly into your life. So if this sounds like an option that might work for you, feel free to ask your care team for specific recommendations.
Will I have to use meal replacements on this program?
No, it’s completely your choice! We understand that shakes and bars are not for everyone and we want this program to match your needs. While meal replacements have been shown to lead to greater weight loss, you can absolutely be successful with your weight loss through following a whole foods plan.
Tips for navigating The Form Health Shop:
1. You do not need to create an account to purchase products. If you are planning on making recurrent purchases and would like your information stored for your next purchase, you may want to create an account. Simply click the "Create Account" button on the very top of the home page.

2. We offer several plan options which include all of the products you need to follow a two week meal replacement plan, as well as individual items for purchase. To view the individual items, click the "Shop" dropdown and select "All Products."

3. If you are choosing a two week kit such as the Sweet and Savory Plan choosing a quantity of 1 would be a purchase of one full kit, with all the products shown that are included. One kit provides all of the meal replacements you will need for 2 weeks along with detailed instructions, a meal replacement guide and recipe booklet.