Variety Plan
Variety Plan
Variety Plan

Variety Plan

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Everything you need for a 2 week meal replacement plan! 

The Variety plan is filled with lots of options to satisfy both your sweet and savory cravings and keep you feeling full throughout the day. 

How it works: 

Each day you will eat 1 shake, 1 pudding, 1 soup, 1 bar and 1 snack, along with one whole food Protein-Produce meal of your choice (400-500 calories, >20g protein). Enjoy a meal replacement every 3 hours throughout the day along with unlimited non-starchy vegetables of your choice to fuel your body and maximize your weight loss.

Ask your team to share the Meal Replacement Guide for detailed plan instructions, a complete list of non-starchy vegetables, commonly asked questions, recipe ideas and more! 

This Kit Includes:

14 Protein Bars Variety Pack (Fudge Graham, Cinnamon, Peanut, Dark Chocolate S’mores, Peppermint Cocoa Crunch, Caramel Cocoa, and Chocolate Almond)

14 Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup

7 Honey Mustard Snacks

7 Party Mix Snacks

14 Meal Replacement Shakes & Puddings (200 calories, 27g protein)
(Chocolate Beverage with Fiber; Vanilla Beverage with Fiber; Chocolate Pudding; Vanilla Pudding; Mocha Beverage; Chocolate Salted Caramel Pudding & Shake; and Chocolate Mint Pudding & Shake)

14 Protein Shakes & Puddings (100 calories, 15g protein)
(Berry Crème, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Dark Chocolate, Mocha, Strawberry crème and Vanilla) 


Sample Day:
Note: You can enjoy your meal replacements in any order. The day outlined below is just an example.

9 AM: Cinnamon Roll Protein Shake*
*Feel free to enjoy your shakes on their own (mixed with unsweetened almond milk/water and ice) or try some of our recipe ideas in the meal replacement guide to mix things up!

12 PM: Chicken Noodle Soup, Baby Bell Peppers and Sliced Cucumbers

3 PM: Zesty Lemon Pudding*

5 PM: Honey Mustard Bites

6 PM: Protein-Produce Dinner of your choice (e.g Chicken Stir Fry over Cauliflower Rice, Meatballs and Spaghetti Squash, Salmon Teriyaki with Green Beans. See Meal Replacement Guide for more Protein-Produce meal ideas.)

8 PM: Salted Caramel Protein Bar

Average Daily Total: 1100-1200 calories, 110g protein, 50g net carbs

Specific nutritional information for each individual product can be found under each individually-named product on the "All Products" page.